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Posters & Art

Below are posters you can download and print, or display on social media to show your support. There's also info on our ongoing art drop!

Art Drop for Libraries

From 25th May 2024


Calling all artists, activists, writers, poets and treasure seekers!

Artists: We invite you to make and release a bookmark into a book of your choice in your local library. Attach a BLL tag if you can, downloadable here.

Seekers: We invite you to find, then keep, swap, or release artist bookmarks into another book!

Download full instructions here or visit us on Instagram @Brumloveslibraries.

Art drop A4 (5).jpg



We encourage supporters to create posters, which can be a fun activity for families, groups, and anyone who likes to get creative.


We also like these posters in support of public libraries free to download from the crowdsourced The Stories They Tell. A few we’ve downloaded from that site as well as others by children’s illustrator Sarah McIntyre (@jabberworks) are posted below.

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