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Get involved


Below are some of the ways you can contribute to the campaign and show your love for Birmingham's libraries.

The Petition


Every signature counts! Please add yours to the petition to save Birmingham's public libraries by clicking here (opens in new window).

Join Us!

Click here for a list of Birmingham library campaign groups. If there is not a campaign for your library and you'd like to start one, contact us here.


You can also join our mailing list using the box below.  

Write to your MP


You can write to your MP, councillors, and even the House of Lords directly using this handy website (opens in new window). Simply input your postcode and the site will walk you through the rest. Messages must be in your own words.

Join our mailing list

Thanks for subscribing!

The Consultation


Birmingham City Council is running a consultation to inform the future of the library service that includes a survey and online and in-person sessions. We are concerned about potential bias in the survey questions so have created an explanation and guide which you can download by clicking the PDF link below.

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