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We want 


our community libraries to remain open, public, and professionally staffed as part of an effective, publicly-funded city-wide library service for generations to come.

About Us


Birmingham Loves Libraries is an umbrella campaign uniting Birmingham Friends of Library groups, save our libraries campaigns, and other library users and city residents campaigning to protect and champion our libraries and library services.

The groups currently involved with Birmingham Loves Libraries are listed here.

“We launched Birmingham Loves Libraries to unite anyone who wants to protect and champion our libraries and the services they provide to the community. We want to say with one voice: keep our libraries open, public, and professionally staffed.”

Emma Lochery, Friends of Kings Heath Library

“Our libraries are the beating heart of our communities. All over Britain, libraries are visited more than any other cultural service.
They reach people regardless of income, age, or ethnicity. They are lifelines, especially in the wake of the pandemic and amid the ongoing cost-of-living crisis. Closing them will prove costly in the long run.”

Sarah Barton, Save Stirchley Library

“Birmingham’s libraries sit at the heart of our communities and provide vital resources from education and digital inclusion to culture and well-being. At a time where people only face more cuts
across their services, local libraries remain the only safe, open and warm space offering people real support, and all for free. They must be protected and our local authorities must be properly funded
by central government.”

Rav Chohan, campaigner for Handsworth Library

“The city-wide campaign to save libraries is the roar against austerity cuts. We will not allow libraries to fade away under the weight of budget cuts. It's time to rally, to roar, and to declare loudly, our libraries are invaluable, and we will not let them disappear without a fierce struggle.”

Rukhsana Malik, Save Hall Green Library,

“It is not a question of whether we can afford to retain all our libraries but whether current and future generations of Birmingham can afford to lose them.”

Elaine Jackson, Friends of Erdington Library,

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